Administrative & Financial Services

The Administrative and Economics Division of C.T.I. operates with the goal to support and effectively execute the economic and administrative function of the organisation.


The Division implements modern systems to management the financial and operating function:

  • Computerized monitoring system of accounting records (general and analytical accounting)
  • Computerized payroll and staff's contract management system
  • Financial management Computer System of MIS adapted projects
  • Protocol management Computer System
  • Guide of internal processes

We also adopt constant educational refresher courses of its personnel της με στόχο την εύρυθμη λειτουργία διοίκησης και διαχείρισης των έργων.

Structure – Organisation

The Administrative and Economics Division is organised in the following 4 departments:

  • Accounting Department

    Head of Accounting is Mrs. Dimitra Koutsouroumba.

  • Personnel Department

    Head of Personnel is Mrs. Rosina Eustathiadou

  • Central Secretery Department

    Head Secretary is Mrs. Lena Gourdoupi

  • Project Management Department

    Head of Project Management is Mrs. Katerina Panagiotopoulou

  • Peronnel – Facilities

    The Administrative and Economics Division is staffed by 20 people, are based in Patra and are housed in the D. Maritsas building at the University of Patras. Head of the Division is Mrs. Rosina Eustathiadou.