Technical Support

The Computer Center and the Technical Support Services have been operating since the organization's establishment and are engaged in the technical management of the Institute's computer, network and telecommunications infrastructure and the provision of technical support to the end user.



The Computer Center has a heterogeneous computer, network and telecommunication infrastructure for C.T.I. supporting an interconnected network until the user level.

This Division provides the following services:

  • User technical support utilizing C.T.I.'s computer and network resources.
  • Proper function (technical support and management) computer, network and telecommunication systems of C.T.I..
  • Design and development of services and IT infrastructure according to the organization's needs.
  • Provision of technical advisory services, internally for the organization either proactively or as requested.
  • Completion of procurement processes for it's infrastructure.
  • Ensuring legality issues in software installations, and security of personal and business data.
  • Technical Support of the remaining technical infrastructure of C.T.I.'s facilities.


Staff - Facilities

The Computer Center and the Technical Support consist of 8 staff members..

The services' offices are located at the "D. Maritsas" Building. Head of the Computer Center is Mr. Theodoros Komninos, Computer and Informatics Engineer.