D. G. Maritsas

Director of the

Computer Technology Institute (C.T.I.)


Professor at the

Computer Engineering and Informatics Department

of the University of Patras






Ph.D. in Electronic and Computer Engineering

University of Manchester



Ms.C. in Information and Systems Engineering

Electrical Engineering Dept.

University of Birmingham



Physics Degree, University of Athens






1990-1996 Director of the Computer Technology Institute (C.T.I.)


1981-1996 Professor at the Computer Engineering and Informatics of the University of Patras. Founder and Chairman of the Department until 1987.


1985-1990 Founder and Associate Director of the Computer Technology Institute (C.T.I.).


1980-1981 Director of the Department of Computers of the “N.R.C. Democritos”, Athens - Greece.


1973-1980 Research Engineer in the Dept. of Computers of the “N.R.C. Democritos”, Athens - Greece.


1969-1972 Research Engineer at the "Αdvanced Systems Group of I.C.L." at West Gorton Manchester England.



1965-1966 Research Assistant in the Systems Evaluation Section of the Operation Research Dept. of the British Iron and Steel Research Association.





  • ¨ Has served as referee for:

ΙΕΕΕ Τransactions on Computers

ACM Computing Reviews

European Journal of Operation Research

National Program for Research and Development.


  • ¨ Has been in the program committee of the:

International Conference on Supercomputers 1987 (Athens).

PARCELLA 1986 and 1990, Berlin.

PARLE 1992, Paris.

PARLE 1994, Athens.


  • ¨ Technical Consultant to the International Computers Ltd. (ICL) at West Gordon Manchester (1969).


  • ¨ Technical Consultant to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in WIEN, where he designed Protocols and Encryption Schemes for the RECOVER network (1981-1983).


  • ¨ Technical Consultant to the Hellenic Arms Industry (HAI), participating in the ESPRIT "MUSE".The aim of the project was the design of the "ΑΤΗΕΝΑ" Software Quality Assurance tool (1.300.000 ECUs).


  • ¨ Technical Consultant to the ALFA company (1988-1990).


  • ¨ Technical Consultant to various companies and public organizations (Hellenic Electronic Industry, ETVA, Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, Ministry of Finance, etc).


  • ¨ Has been the principal rapporteur and author of the policy making reports on Informatics, for the ministries of National Economy (1983) and Education and Religious Affairs (1984).


  • ¨ Has participated and managed the ESPRIT project GRASPIN (1.300.000 ECUs).


  • ¨ Has headed the projects of C.T.I. ΙΝTRAFAX and INTRALEX (in collaboration with ΙΝΤRACOM, 60.000.000 drachmas.).


  • ¨ Has originated, designed and managed the C.T.I. development project (“C.T.I.-MIP”, 1,3 billion drachmas.). In this capacity he has supervised the development and organization of the C.T.I. computer center and the laboratories’ design.





Has taught the classes:


  • * Computer Architecture I (Introduction), 1st Year
  • * Computer Architecture II , 3rd Year
  • * Programming Languages, 2nd Year
  • * Operating Systems, 3rd Year
  • * Computer Networks I, 4th Year
  • * Computer Networks II, 5th Year



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