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S.I.P.R.O.C.I: Interregional response to natural and man-made catastrophes

Interregional response to natural and man-made catastrophes - (SIPROCI) is a transnational project in the field of Civil Protection approved under the Community Programme INTERREG IIIC. This project was launched in Spring 2004 and will run over almost three years, until December 2006.

The aim of this project is to improve the local and regional response to catastrophes and disasters through interregional collaboration across Europe. This will be achieved through the creation of a transnational platform for exchange and development of methods, techniques and good practices in the field of prevention and mitigation of disasters and catastrophes. This platform is promoted by the Province of Macerata in collaboration with 12 other partner organisations coming from 7 European countries.

In particular, this project intends to exchange information, experience and knowledge with the aim to:

  • Develop and improve methods and good practices to create an organisational model capable of coordinating, managing and optimising information, human and material resources.
  • Share the use of new information and communication technologies, both with regard to improved techniques and instruments for monitoring and prevention, but also as an important operative tool to support the organisational model (management of information, decision-making support, information sharing).
  • Improve the information and preparation of the public to increase the level of self protection of citizens.
  • Enhance the coherence and integration of actions in the field of civil protection between regions across Europe, especially by the participation of the Central and Eastern European countries considering their recent EU entry.

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