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Acronym: EQUAL - Ιως

EQUAL is part of the European Union's strategy for more and better jobs and for ensuring that no-one is denied access to them. Funded by the European Social Fund, this initiative is testing since 2001 new ways of tackling discrimination and inequality experienced by those in work and those looking for a job.

Basic aim of the project is to overcome the prejudices, to create infrastructures and to promote practices that will allow as much as possible more equivalent confrontation of different national or racial origin workforce. The basic objectives that are sought are:

  • To examine common opinion's perceptions and attitudes towards foreigners and their role in the job market, as well as the factors concerning the above.
  • To examine the real role of foreigners in the local job market and the possibilities of upgrading it according to international achieved models of labour incorporation.
  • To imprint the professional profile of foreign workforce and to determine the actions that needs to be taken in order to improve its employment in the job market.
  • The promotion of social incorporation for those that deal with racism through the development, enlargement and networking of structures of foreigners support, the establishment of multicultural character educational centers and parents support actions.
  • The training and suitable exploitation of cultural mediators for the support of foreigners. The projection and aid of role and rights of foreigners in the job market.
  • The sensitization of common opinion and the development of good practices in the local societies for the fighting of racism and the creation of multicultural societies.
  • The multifaceted intervention in the formers of common opinion for the promotion of cross-cultural perceptions, attitudes and proceeding.

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