The eGovernment Divisions (eGov Division – DeG, former eGov Sector) is an autonomus division of C.T.I. since mid-2005. The Sector’s mission is to provide services within a broad range of e-government applications, such as:

  • Policies and standards for e-Government.
  • e-Government Applications and trust/security methodologies.
  • Digitisation, documentation, management and promotion of content.
  • Development of Digital Education Application.
  • Simulation and analysis of human networks.

At the same time, drawing on its long experience as an IT consultant for several Ministries and organizations, the division continues its activity in providing consulting and planning services (strategic and business planning, process reengineering, information systems design), as well as technical support services (procurement procedures, project implementation planning, technical and financial progress monitoring, project final reviews, etc.).

The division is an autonomous and vertically organized unit, being highly complementary to the other divisions of CTI. Its operation is governed by an internal statute of regulations regulating specific issues related to the organization, management and quality assurance of services provided, specializingthe overall policy and culture of the organisation. In consequence to this culture the division implemented since 2006 a quality system certified according to the ISO 2001:2008 standard in the area of “Technical Consultancy Services – Implementation and Management of IT Projects”.

The division staff comprises experienced scientific and technical professionals (most holding doctoral and post-graduate degrees) with extensive experience in providing technical consultancy services for public sector institutions and private organizations. Director is Dr. Christos Manolopoulos is one of the founding members of C.T.I. and substitute director is Dr Dimitris Sofotassios. Occasionally, the division collaborates with external consultants/experts who provide project based services. It also employs students or seniors in the scope of their training or thesis preparation. Division central offices are located in C.T.I.’s headquarters in Patras, while an office operates in C.T.I.’s branch in Athens. On a project basis, the division may establish fully operational offices within its client organizations.

For the implementation of its projects, the e-Gov Division makes use of the infrastructure and tools of the HERON Laboratory. The Division and the Lab operate as complementary units with common staff. The mission of the HERON Lab is to conduct applied research and to develop know-how in the Sector’ s areas of interest, with the aim (a) to produce research results that may be exploited within the Sector’s projects, (b) to build expertise in specialized e-Government applications and (c) to develop technological products and solutions in support of the services provided by the Sector.
The main activity areas of the Lab include:

  1. E-voting and e-payment systems, cryptographic protocols, public key infrastructures.
  2. Digital libraries, digital rights management, optimization of access to digital content, educational multimedia applications.
  3. Εργαλεία εκπαιδευτικής τεχνολογίας, οργάνωση και διαχείριση ψηφιακού εκπαιδευτικού περιεχομένου.
  4. Risk analysis and management in the design and implementation of information systems and applications.
  5. Network simulation models and measuring technics / performance analysis techniques.

The HERON Lab has a modern technological infrastructure (central servers, teleconferencing systems, VoIP telephony, security equipment, etc.) complemented by a set of software products (databases, collaborative tools, digital libraries, project management tools, remote support/help-desk tools, etc.). Mr. Dimitris Sofotassios is the Director of the HERON Lab.