Greek School Network Division (SCH)

The Greek School Network Division (SCH) of the Computer Technology Institute & Press – "Diophantus", is the evolution of C.T.I.'s Networking Technologies Division, which was founded in January 1999 as one of C.T.I.'s IST divisions.
It's main field of expertise is the design and implementation of network infrastructures, telematics services and grid technologies. Through its involvement in pioneering research and development projects, it has played a leading role in the development of innovative network technologies and telematics services, substantially contributing to shaping development policy for networks and services in Greece. The division’s activities include:

  • Management and Upgrade of SCH
  • Technical consulting services for the design and installation of network infrastructure and provision of network services/li>
  • Design of broadband networks
  • Planning and development of basic net applications
  • WWW Technologies and Data Bases
  • WWW-based educational software
  • Design and development of advanced telematics services
  • Telematic application and Network service support

SCH division works closely with several universities, technical colleges and research centers in the country to carry out various projects. It's additional aim is to develop collaborations in research subjects with major telecommunication providers in Greece and active participation in organizing conferences on technology transfer in network issues in Greece. It also has a long and specialized experience in technological issues while managing sizeable advanced networking and computing infrastructure.
For more information concerning the personnel, the publications, the projects and the products of the Greek School Network Division you can visit the website of Greek School Network and Network Technologies