CTI PRESS 1999-2006


C.T.I. has to date contributed to the publication of 15 scientific books by its members and associates.

Since 1998 CTI has organised CTI Press, a committed and focused scientific publishing activity in cooperation with publishing houses, aspiring to contribute to the discourse on key issues of the Information and Communication Technologies.

This activity is devoted to publishing scientific writings, monographs and translations of leading scientific works in the field of Information and Communication Technologies.

Since September 2002, C.T.I. has been working closely with the publishing house Ellinika Grammata in the interest of continuing and expanding the publishing endeavours of the Institute (CTI Press).

This collaboration led to the publication of "Security of Networks and Computing Systems – Dare the Intruders", by Professor P. Spirakis and T. Komninos, a book which is included in the new series and is already in circulation.

Within the scope of CTI Press, the following books have been published, among others:

IPv6: The protocol,transition and Porting Mechanisms
P. Ganos
A. Gkamas
A. Karaliotas
C. Bouras
D. Primpas
K. Stamos
Ellinika Grammata Publications, 2006

Networked Virtual Environments
E. Giannaka
V. Kapoulas
C. Bouras
T. Tsiatsos
Ellinika Grammata Publications, 2005


E-Business, form idea in the implementation
K. Markelos
P. Markelou
M. Rigkou
S. Sirmakesis
A. Tsakalidis
Ellinika Grammata Publications, 2005


The future will judge us all...
Ellinika Grammata Publications, 2005


Advanced Issues on Computer Networks and Services
Apostolos Gkamas

Vaggelis Kapoulas

Christos Bouras

Dimitris Primpas

Kostas Stamos
Ellinika Grammata Publications, 2005



Modern Cryptography:
A pleasant ride.
Panagiotis E. Nastou

Paul G. Spirakis

Yannis K. Stamatiou
Ellinika Grammata Publications, 2004



Human - Computer Interaction
S. Sirmakessis
Ellinika Grammata Publications, 2003



Security of Networks and Computing Systems
Th. Komninosς
P. Spirakis
Ellinika Grammata Publications, 2002



Production Planning and Control
D. Sofotassios,
P. Spirakis
V. Triantafillou
I. Hatzilygeroudis
GUTENBERG Publications, 2002



Introduction to graphs: Theory, Problems and Solutions
L. Kirousis
Ch. Bouras
P. Spiraki
G. Stamatiou
GUTENBERG Publications, 1999