SG1 - Computer Science Foundation

Research Unit 1 (RU1) was founded in December 1998 and is activated in the area of Foundations of Computer Science, Relevant Technologies and Applications.

In particular, Research Unit 1 (RU1) exhibits research activity in the area of Algorithms and Complexity with a focus on the following topics:

- Parallel, Distributed, Mobile and Wireless Computing
- Algorithmic Issues of Communications Networks and the Internet
- Optical Networks and Photonic Communication Technology
- Cryptography and Security: Theory and Applications
- Algorithmic Game Theory & the Economics of the Internet and the Web
- Algorithms Design, Analysis & Engineering (Approximation, Online, Distributed, Parallel)
- Probabilistic and Combinatorial Techniques
- Computational Complexity

RU1 complement its scientific research activity with high quality technical expertise in relevant technologies and applications. Thus RU1 participates in many research and development projects, funded by the European Union, National Resources as well as companies from the private enterprises sector. Furthermore, RU1 provides know-how and consulting (mainly high level) and carries out technical implementations and projects on issues such as Networks and Telematics Services, Internet Technologies, Information Systems, Educational Technology, Culture and Socio-Economic Aspects of Information Technologies.

RU1's scientific research activity during the last years extends to a great number of publications in international journals and conferences. Especially critical is the steady research presence at important European-based Conferences (ESA, ICALP, STACS etc.) and the highly competitive international conferences (ACM STOC, ACM SPAA, ACM PODC etc). Moreover, RU1 claims and has already taken over the organization of many important international scientific events (ACM STOC,EATCS ICALP and ACM SPAA in Crete Island, June 2001, IEEE IPDPS in Rhode Island, April 2006). Also RU1 will organize the 36th International Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming (ICALP) at 2009 in Rhode Island.

ΣThe orientation of RU1 towards basic research, as well as the Unit's goals, led to contracting of significant international cooperations, with distinguished researchers in the scope of common scientific research on one hand, and with research teams and companies, especially in the European Union, on the other, for the submission of proposals for subsidisation and joint implementation of research and development projects.

RU1 central offices are located in C.T.I.'s headquarters in Patra. The research team is comprised by 33 persons: 12 faculty members, 6 Ph.D. researchers, 8 computer engineers - Ph.D. candidates, 5 computer engineers and two technical stuff. Dr. Ioannis Chatzigiannakis coordinates the unit's activities.Paulos Spirakis is the Scientific Coordinator, Professor Christos Kaklamanis is the Scientific co-Coordinator and Assistant Professor Sotiris Nikoletseas is Scientific Consultant for Wireless Networks.

RU1 maintains The Sensor Networks Research Laboratory that aims at the design and implementation of efficient algorithms, the development of real experimental sensor networks and sensory software (application development environments, middleware and simulation software) and the deployment of real sensor networks applications. Several algorithms and systems (including simDust, WebDust, ShareSense and TRAILS) have already been developed. The SensorsLab participates in several R@D Projects funded by the EU and the Greek State (AEOLUS, ALGO.D.E.S, FRONTS, ProSense, WISEBEDS). The Lab maintains strong links and cooperations with well known Universities, Research Centres and relevant Industries, while its researchers have initiated major relevant international Conferences.

For more information concerning the people, the publications, the projects, and the products of RU-1, visit the web site of Research Unit 1. web site of Research Unit 1..