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Disable People in new Internet Jobs

The objectives of the project were:

  • The creation of a network for providing disabled people information relative to existing job positions and employment opportunities and for supporting communication in social, labour and technological themes through the use of the WWW.
  • Development of a system designed in informing disabled people and their tutors about teleworking issues.
  • Training of a special group of disabled, those with kinetic problems, in the themes of personal evolution, new forms of jobs, Informatics and Telematics and specifically issues about design and creation of electronic publishing.
  • Development and adjustment of telematic centres to support the work of people with kinetic disabilities in new Internet jobs and electronic publishing CTI was responsible for the development of the supportive telematic services namely: Searching and information retrieval about organizations and institutes for disabled people, law and decrees, personal data about disabled people and Job posistions and employment opportunities.

Also CTI developed the infrastructure for the users to use e-mail and teleconferencing services restricted to the programs group and to relevant specialists.

Additional Info

  • Έναρξη: 1ος/1998
  • Λήξη: 12ος/1999
  • Χρηματοδότηση: Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
  • Συνεργάτες: CTI, Developmental Municipal Enterprise of Patras, INSTITUTE OF TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT DIMITRA, Perfecture of Achaia, Perfecture of Larisa, Panthessalik Association of Disable People, Panhellenic Society of Paraplegic People, Bee Com, West Hellas Net
  • Διάρκεια (μήνες): 24

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