Team Members and Collaborators

- Prof. Christoforos Raptopoulos (Random graphs, wireless power).

- Dr. Gavrilis Filios (Sensor networks applications in energy efficient buildings and smart industries).

- Dr Pantelis Tzamalis (AIoT in digital health).

- MSc Stefanos Panagiotou (industrial IoT).

- Fotis Kalioras (AI in digital health, Physiological & Environmental data analysis).

- Panagiotis Kapetanidis (AI in digital health, Signal Processing).

- Kyriakos Giannopoulos (TinyML for Indoor Air Quality Monitoring and Control).

- Minas Gadalla (Psychoanalysis Driven Computing and its Applications to Social Networks and Intelligent Systems).

Past Students

- Dr. Constantinos Marios Angelopoulos (data aggregation in mobile sensor networks). Was awarded his PhD in 2013. Now Associate Professor in the UK.

- Dr. Theofanis Raptis (Rechargeable sensor networks). Was awarded his PhD in 2016. Now post-doctoral researcher at National Research Council, Institute of Informatics and Telematics, Italy.

- Dr. Ioannis Katsidimas (Wireless power transfer protocols, IoT systems for structural health). Now at the Mechanical Engineering Department, University of Patras.

- Dr. Adelina Madhja (Wireless Power Transfer Algorithms). Was awarded her PhD in 2018. Now in industry, UK.

- Dr. Athanassios Kinalis (PhD Thesis: “Design, Simulation and Evaluation of Data Propagation Protocols in Wireless Sensor Networks”), 2009. Now in Amazon, Toronto.

- Dr. Dimitra Patroumpa (sink mobility in sensor networks). She was awarded her PhD in 2013. Now in industry.

- Dr. Georgios Mylonas (PhD Thesis: "Design, Simulation and Experimental Development of Data Propagation Protocols and Applications in Wireless Sensor Networks"), 2009. Now post-doctoral researcher at CTI.

- MSc. Andreas Bardoutsos (AIoT for smart health). Now in industry.

- MSc. Manolis Kerimakis (wireless power transfer, energy harvesting). Now in industry.

- MSc. Ioannis Tsenempis (sensor networks, energy management). Now in industry.

- MSc. Constantinos Timpilis (sensor networks, industrial IoT). Now in industry.

- MSc. Dimitris Tsolovos (Wireless power transfer). Awarded his MSc in 2016. Now in France.

- MSc. Panagiotis Aleksandrou (IoT testbeds and systems). Awarded his MSc in 2016. Now in France.

- MSc. Christina Pavlopoulou (Feature extraction via mobile sensing). Now PhD student in the USA.

- MSc. Michalis Drakoulelis (Virtual IoT testbeds, 2019). Now in industry.

- MSc. Christos Zachiotis (IoT mobility and portability). Now in industry.

- MSc. Konstantinos Veroutis (IoT systems federation). Now in industry in Zürich.

- MSc. Maria Rapti (Feature extraction via mobile sensing). Now in industry in Zürich.

- MSc. Dionysios Efstathiou (mobile sensor networks). Started October 2009. Was awarded his MSc in 2011. Now in indrustry.

- MSc. Andreas Koutsopoulos (obstacle avoidance algorithms in sensor networks). Started October 2008. Was awarded his MSc in 2010. Now in indrustry.

- MSc. Charilaos Eftymiou (Design and Analysis of Energy Efficient Smart Dust Algorithms). Awarded his MSc Degree in December 2004.

Supervisor of more than 50 Diploma Theses at the Computer Engineering and Informatics Department. Several of these theses already led to research publications.

Post-doctoral researchers

- Dr Olivier Powell, University of Geneva (2006-2007).

- Dr Ioannis Chatzigiannakis (2002-2007).

Visiting researchers

- Dr Luminita Moraru, University of Geneva, (2008-2009).

- Dr Olivier Powell, University of Geneva, (2006-2007).

- Rocio Arroyo-Valles, University Carlos III de Madrid, Spain (2008).