Publications Division is an autonomous division of C.T.I. and was founded at 2011. The division's main activity is the organization, operation, management and coordination, as well as the use of infrastructure, resources and intellectual property rights relating to the production, distribution and marketing publications in print and electronic form, for the educational community and market, and in particular:

  • The publication of textbooks and journals as well as the free distribution to all public elementary and secondary schools in Greece and educational units abroad.
  • The adaptation of textbooks on writing Braille, in fonts suitable for students with low vision and Greek sign language for deaf students, and their publication and distribution.
  • The publication of textbooks and journals for scientific research by a decision of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.
  • The management of digital books and the expansion of digital production and distribution operations of textbooks on new subjects.

Head of the Publication Division is Dr. Christos Manolopoulos.

The management system for C.T.I. "Diofantos" is certified by TÜV HELLAS as per ISO 9001:2008.

A copy of this certification is here