Gender Equality Committee

Gender Equality

Computer Technology Institute & Press “Diophantus” formed a Gender Equality Committee, for the promotion of gender equality on all functional and operational levels of the Institute.

The Committee for Gender Equality (CGE) has five members and is permanent.

CGE has the following responsibilities:

  • prepares a gender equality action plan to promote and ensure substantial equality in the research, production and administrative processes of the Institute, and submits it to the Board for approval.
  • is responsible for monitoring and updating / renewal of the action plan.
  • may be responsible for carrying out some of the actions mentioned in the plan.
  • monitors the progress of the actions mentioned in the plan and prepares an annual report, which it submits to the Board.

The Committee for Gender Equality (CGE) was appointed by the decision of the 22nd / 2022 meeting of 15/02/2022 (Issue 9: Various Issues, 3. Proposal for a plan for gender equality, Prot. No : 989 / 28-02-2022,WPN: Ψ8ΘΛ46941Δ-6ΘΕ) of the Board of Directors of ITYE "Diophantus".


  • Zacharoula Smyrnaiou, Assoc. Prof. & Vice President of CTI&P, as President
  • Frangiskos Foskolos, employee’s union representative
  • Evangelos Papadopoulos
  • Dora Nousia
  • Anastasia Koliou


The GE Plan v.1.0 was approved on the 05-05-2022 during the 29th meeting of the Board of Directors of the Institute. Available here.