IST Divisions

CTI, with the established expertise it has gained by its longstanding research activities in the area of Information and Communication Technologies, has been a benefit to the Greek State in the process of the design and implementation of IT programs for the public sector of the country, in the ongoing effort to reinforce the application of IT in the public administration sector.

CTI’s involvement in the Information Society Technologies (IST) focuses on the following actions:

  •  Since 1995 it successfully provides technical and scientific consulting services to Ministries and the country’s public authorities.
  •  It has been especially active in the area of education and training, implementing large projects involving the administration of training initiatives.
  •  It has played an important regional role, being involved in projects for regional innovation and development.

CTI, in order to best fulfil its role to meet the demands of the Information Society has organized its operation into Sectors that specialize in discrete objects of study, with a vertical configuration structure, administration, personnel and material & technical infrastructure, while at the same time the Sectors present a high degree of complementarity not only between them, but with the other departments of the institute as well.