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GAIA-Generalized Automatic exchange of port Information Area

The main goal of the GAIA project is the development of an Adriatic-Ionian cross border information node that will allow secure sharing and exchange of information between the ports of Bari and Igoumenitsa.

GAIA is a project based on a global vision of the port system that can overcome the physical and technological separations. The aim is to integrate the different institutional agents that operate between the Adriatic and the Ionian coast in order to achieve the consolidation and the development of cooperative information systems that will allow the improvement of security controls for passengers and service information for travelers.

The creation of data warehouse for the elaboration of data through innovative techniques of semantic analysis will also allow and provide a modern tool that will support the decision processes of the local, regional and national Authorities concerning maritime transport and intermodal logistics.

The technology platform that the project intends to create will allow the management of information that regard the flow of passenger and vehicles travelling across the ports; in addition to the external ones that are in any case of interest to travelers and operators.

GAIA will allow the Port Authority of Bari and the Port Authority of Igoumenitsa to provide services to passengers and operators through the web and, therefore, easily usable from one’s own PC or from the always more numerous mobile services. The exchange of data with the Institutions or with the other private agents will take place through web services or using the REST services in protected mode.

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