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CRITON / Prediction of e-learners' progress and timely assessment of the achievement of learning outcomes in Lifelong Learning

The goal of CRITON is to provide a modern web based environment that will allow the timely assessment of the achievement of learning outcomes, thus supporting the realization of efficient personalized learning paths.

The aims are to:

  • support the monitoring of learners' progress and provide indicators of successfully achieving learning outcomes,
  • support the assessment of learning paths,
  • provide a means for interaction between learners and tutors, and
  • exploit social networks in order to avoid exclusion resulting from underachievement of learning outcomes.

The main outcome of the proposed project will be a web based platform that will record learners' progress and provide tools for analyzing their performance and estimating the chances of finally achieving the planned learning outcomes. The assessment platform will be targeted to learners, tutors and educational organizations of different levels (secondary education, tertiary education, vocational training, and lifelong learning). It will also include social networking tools and tools for assessing future learning needs.

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