Facility Location

Since May 2005, C.T.I. is housed in private facilities at the University of Patra. C.T.I.'s new building "D. Maritsas" has overall size 4.600 square meters, in a 10.000 square meter range that was granted for this purpose by the University of Patras. The new technogically modern building of the institute has five floors, has underground spaces, meeting and presentation boardrooms, ampitheaters with a capacity of 132 people, computer room and computer center and ii also houses the infrastructure, the laboratories and the τα εργαστήρια και το Complete Data and Voice Netwolk (CTInet) of C.T.I.. C.T.I. also has a branch in Athens. It also has office in Ministries where it is a technical advisor and in faciliteis in the University of Patras.