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Centre of Enterprising and Technological Development C.E.T.D. of the Western Greece

O.P. Competiveness (3rd CSF)

Attendance in the cooperation of institutions that are responsible for the impementation of the project "Selection of Regional Structures of Enterprising Support - Centre of Enterprising and Technological Development C.E.T.D.)" for the Region of Western Greece of and which coordinator is the Prefectural Enterprise of Achaia. Objective of C.E.T.D. Western Greece it is the provision to the SMEs. and other categories of population, services of briefing, information, individualised support, culture of enterprising spirit, organisation of providing enterprising services as well as remaining services of support. NTS participates in the briefing and information actions, in the enterprises support actions on issues concerning computing and network technologies and is responsible for the planning, implementation and support of Informative node and Informative Stucture System of Western Greece C.E.T.D.

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