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Business Continuity as a Service

ORBIT aims at ensuring business continuity by introducing a new cost-effective approach in virtualized infrastructures for providing application-agnostic high availability. Key to this direction is the consolidation of virtualized memory and I/O resources emerging from multiple physical hosts.

ORBIT will introduce a new paradigm of virtualized resource consolidation in which memory and I/O resources used by a guest VM are provided by multiple external hosts, while combining the features of this novel paradigm with approaches ranging from single-host fault-tolerance to entire-site metropolitan area network based disaster recovery. The latter will allow for application-agnostic high availability, opening up cloud computing to mission-critical applications that require 24/7 availability. ORBIT will provide a more advanced cloud infrastructure, seamlessly integrating advanced Fault Tolerance and Disaster Recovery capabilities so as to effectively address the needs of mission-critical services.


The vision of ORBIT is based on the following main ideas:

  • Highly Available Consolidation of Virtualized Resources, building atop the concept of server virtualization to enable guest VMs to consume remote memory and I/O resources in a consolidated manner.
  • Application Transparent Virtual Machine Fault Tolerance, improving the current solutions, which are either application specific, limited to Uni Processor workloads, lack required performance targets, or require propriety hardware, by providing a software-only solution that can be widely deployed on commodity hardware.
  • Metro-Area Zero Downtime Disaster Recovery, to improve business continuity by geographically distributed over a Metropolitan Area Network, whilst maintaining the desired KPIs of instantaneous fail-over with near-zero downtime, supporting business continuity even in light of major faults downing an entire site.

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