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Public Information Centers Networking Action

O.P. Information Society (Invitation 54)

In the frames of the project the networking of 100 Public Information Centers has been implemented. The Centers have been established all around the country to provide services of electronic information and entertainment to the citizens and specifically in those that live in removed and inaccessible regions. These centers are accommodated in the central library of each region and are interconnected via the Greek School Network. Also informative mobile centres have been established via the institution of Mobile Libraries. The total networking concerned 74 regularly centres and 26 mobile which with the finalisation of particular action, allocated:

  • Structured wiring infrastructure for the implementation of their internal or wireless network
  • Interconnection to the internet via the Greek School Network for the Stable Centres
  • interconnection to the Greek School Network via G.P.R.S. and Internet over Satellite links for the Mobile Centers

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