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Broadband in Greece: Current Situation and Prospects

The objective of this project is the development of a complete study-research focused on the imprinting of the current dynamics and the specification of the actions of strategy for the growth of broadband in Greece and the elimination of the danger for the creation of a digital gap.

In particular, an analytic imprinting of the existing situation in Greece, the appointment of the most optimal practices from the international experience that can be applied in the country, and the composition of a complete frame of strategy and actions for the growth of broadband until 2013, will be realized.

In this frame the following will be realized:

  • review of the International Environment
  • localization of the basic factors that affected the growth of broadband in the studied countries and analysis of the most optimal policies that were applied and led to the increment of broadband penetration
  • review of existing situation in regard to broadband in Greece and localization of the root causes for the low penetration rate
  • evaluation of the actions that have been completed, or are still under development or they have been decided and will be developed in Greece
  • analysis of the competition in the Greek market for broadband connections
  • mapping out of a Strategy for the growth of broadband in Greece and the improvement of relative indicators eEurope 2005 and iEurope 2010
  • definition of a Plan of Action for 2007-2013 for the growth of broadband in Greece with a region-leveled analysis

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