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HEARTS: Home-based Everyday activities Analysis and Response Telecare System

With the pattern of health care in Europe and worldwide shifting to community and informal care, “HEARTS” aims at enhancing patient independent living and quality of life by providing the means for safe and unobtrusive monitoring and quality care at manageable cost to a growing number of people away from hospitals.

The project focuses on developing a methodological framework and introduces a home-based infrastructure that enhances and integrates a number of next-generation key technologies to enable and support patients with congestive heart failure (CHF). The project has a concrete content so that a specific system will be realized; however, the proposed technological and methodological framework is designed to be open to many other patient categories and can provide a general-purpose tool for remote monitoring with integrated medical inference and controlled decision making capabilities.

The infrastructure is based on state-of-the-art measurement and data acquisition through communities of devices and artefacts, wireless data transfer and communications, data fusion, medical inference and decision making, and automatic planning and execution of advanced response patterns and interaction scenarios.

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