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Adapting the notions and principles of component-based software architectures to the world of tangible artifacts, which have computational abilities and communicate wirelessly

e-Gadgets (e stands for extrovert) is an EU IST/Future Emerging Technologies Research project that belongs to the Disappearing Computer initiative. It seeks to adapt to the world of tangible objects the notions of component-based software systems by transforming objects in people's everyday environment into autonomous artefacts (the eGadgets). The eGadgets range from simple objects (like tags, lights, switches, cups) to complex ones (like PDAs, stereos) and from small ones (like sensors, pens, keys, books) to large ones (like desks, TVs).

Extrovert Gadgets (e-Gadgets) will:

  • Develop and validate an architectural style for tangible, communicating artefacts (=a Gadgetware Architectural Style (GAS)).
  • Design and develop an infrastructure and sample artefacts enabling the architectural issues and the GAS evaluation.

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