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The main output of the project is the methodical publication Digitally enriched curriculum bridging formal and non-formal VET which is available here. The content includes exemplary learning scenarios in the following areas of vocational education and training, issued in 4 languages: English, Polish, Greek and Italian. The learning scenarios are the following: 


  • 3D Modelling
  • From manual to digital prototyping
  • Towards connectivity of things
  • IoT in Agriculture


The last two scenarios are also available as online course in Greek. 

 Η πρόσβαση στο διαδικτυακό μάθημα γίνεται με τα εξής βήματα:
1. Άνοιγμα συνδέσμου
2. Δημιουργία λογαριασμού student μέσω του συνδέσμου "sign up" επάνω δεξιά.
3. Χρήση του κωδικού μαθήματος Q7T5-ZTT6-7MPZ7
4. Συμπλήρωση στοιχείων λογαριασμού  


Additional Info

  • Start: 1/11/2018
  • End: 31/10/2020
  • Funding: Erasmus+ (Strategic Partnerships for Youth)
  • Coordinator: 1. Centrum Edukacyjne EST - Poland
  • Partners: 2. Centro Machiavelli - Italy 3. Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus” - Greece