Educational Technology

Scope – Objectives

The Educational Technology Division (ETD) was established with the aim to introduce and to productively employ Information Technologies in the educational process and to conduct applied research. The sector division 25 staff members with the scientific expertise, skills and administrative experience required for large scale projects. Scientific advisor to the ETD is Dr. Theodoros Komninos, Computer Engineer and Informatics Department.

Areas of Activity

The division focuses on and has longstanding experience in::

  • Educational technology and the pedagogical application of ICT in schools
  • Educational software development, digital educational material and networking services
  • Development, maintenance and operation of critical IT applications of the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs
  • Defining specifications and design of modern infrastructure for school workshops
  • Implementing mid and large-scale integrated pilot projects that exploit new educational methods that use ICT and are connected with school practices
  • Designing and monitoring teacher training programs
  • Evaluation of Educational Programs

To support the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in the execution of the Operational Programme for Education and Initial Vocational Training, 2nd CSF for Greece, the Educational Technology Sector took on the responsibility for the design, technical support and administration of the Odysseia: Hellenic Schools in the Information Society Program, which has been successfully completed. Odysseia constituted a comprehensive approach to utilizing ICT in secondary education and it involved a) establishing the necessary computer and network infrastructure in approximately 300 school labs, b) teacher training and support, c) educational software development.

At present, the Sector provides technical and scientific consulting services to the Greek Ministry of Education for issues concerning the exploitation and application of computer and network technologies in education, as well as for the design, organization and implementation of relevant projects and technological innovation in the educational process at large.