Telematics & Regional Applications Development

The "Center of Telematics and Applications for Regional Development" (abbrev. "Telematics Center") of C.T.I., was established with the basic objective to enhance regional development through the effective use of new ICT (Informatics and Communication Technologies).
Basic aims of this department are:

  • To operate as a lever for regional development and interregional collaboration
  • To carry out applied research for the development and support of specialized ICT applications for the public and private sectors in the regions of Western Greece
  • To develop, support and operate information systems used in education system of Greece

Thematic priorities
Projects and activities of the Telematics Center are focusing in applied research towards the following thematic priorities:

  • World Wide Web technologies and applications
  • Mobile technologies and services
  • Social Networking Applications for Education and Lifelong Learning
  • Sustainable development through the effective use of new ICT

The main activities of the Telematics Center include:

Design and implementation of regional development and interregional collaboration actions under the framework of European and National initiatives and programs.
The scope of this particular activity is:

  • Participation in Regional Development Projects. The TC collaborates in projects on
    • Interreg
    • Innovation
    • LifeLong Learning
  • Collaboration with several regional bodies in order to support their participation on projects like Interreg.
  • Enhancing the already established collaborations of the department with several EU and national bodies on projects of Regional Development and Innovative Actions, as well as other National and EU bodies which are focusing on innovation.

Provision of advanced research telematics solutions.

  • Taking projects to promote, in the private and public sectors of the wider Western Greece, advanced research Telematics solutions.
  • Cooperation with other divisions of I.T.Y.E."DIOPHANTUS" COMPUTER TECHNOLOGY INSTITUTE & PRESS on projects of innovative ICT applications.

Design, develop, operate and support telematics services for the Hellenic Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs.

The outcomes deriving from the various projects in which the Division has participated:

Integrated Tourism Portal focusing on Tourism Entrepreneurship.
System for the promotion and presentation of GIS-based Tourism Information over mobile devices.
Software for data collection of available information resources and for the presentation of statistical results (Resource management System).
"Virtual Exhibitions" Application.
Environment and Health monitoring system.
Virtual Tourist Routes application.
Environment and Health monitoring system.
Specialized search engine for Tourism Information.

For more information you can visit the web site of Telematics Center.